“Ernest did a great job with his intern project. He consistently kept the crew and me updated on the progress. He also regularly discussed progress as well as the issues he was running into to get suggestions and make timely progress. He also demoed it intermittently as well as garnered feedback to course correct when needed. He understood the corner cases as well as the platform-specific nuances making sure that the project worked well cross-platform. Ernest also went above and beyond by authoring the blog for his intern project so that we can share the scenarios for the customer and use the opportunity to garner feedback.
Overall, it has been an absolute pleasure to have Ernest part of my team. He has done a great job with all his projects and is someone I highly recommend.”
– Mayuri Diwan, Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

“Ernest has done a great job this summer adding value to the Microsoft Office Sway service. He executed all aspects of excellent engineering work includng writing a spec, prototyping, writing code, receiving and responding to feedback, writing tests and shipping his code to our production environment. He also worked on some experimentation and monitored and analyzed telemetry to see how his work affected our customer usage and engagement.”
– Andrew Bishop, Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

“Ernest is an exceptionally hard worker and is very detailed in his work. He has become a very dependable member of our team who has completed several tasks related to our new and upcoming PlayStation Video features, improved the overall feel of our mobile applications, and consistently helped our team meet our sprint deadlines. He has consistently shown to be detailed in his work and in reviewing other full-timers’ code. Ernest has a great “get it done” attitude while striving to maintain code quality. Our team has enjoyed having Ernest on board and we greatly appreciate his work for us.”
– Grace Chan, Software Engineer II, Sony Interactive Entertainment

“Ernest has been a stellar contributor to the Rubikloud engineering team throughout the winter co-op term. His role has evolved from working on the back end server for a business intelligence dashboard to working with back-end data pipelines for raw data ingestion to finally, helping automate data analysis reports for each of our clients. Throughout each task, Ernest has been able to learn very quickly and ramp up on the technologies at play, exceeding our expectations with the volume of work. He has been open to feedback and been able to iterate on the work to improve its overall quality. Ernest has conducted himself in a professional manner during his term here and integrated well with the team culture. We are very happy with his tenure and progress.”
– Mukul Joshi, Manager of Data Architecture, Rubikloud Technologies

“Ernest did a fantastic job in his role with the NRE lab. He consistently demonstrated the ability to learn new information needed to conduct his tasks, particularly data drawn from a range of new instrumentation, and develop interfaces to be used for research purposes. His interaction with ‘clients’ (i.e., other researchers using his apps) was very good, helpful, and attentive. I appreciated Ernest’s work ethic and commitment to the job.”
– James Tung, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo

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